Caring for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your new kitchen looking like a dream for a long time by following these basic cabinet care and maintenance tips.

Cleaning Products to Avoid

Generally, all you will ever need to clean your kitchen cabinets is a cloth dampened with warm water. Therefore, never clean your cabinets with cleaning products such as: harsh detergents; strong soaps; abrasive cleaning products; solvent-based or petroleum-based products such as mineral spirits, ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning products; bleach, silicone-based waxes or polishing products; or scouring powder, scouring pads or steel wool.

Cleaning Your Cabinets

Never spray water directly on your cabinets. Instead, dampen a soft cloth with warm water and then wipe the cabinet. For stubborn dirt or grime, mix a few drops of dishwashing soap with warm water and then dampen your soft cloth.

Once you’ve finished removing the dirt, wipe away any residue from the cabinet with a clean, damp cloth. Then dry immediately using a soft, clean dry cloth. Never let your cabinets air dry. Always use a cloth to avoid any moisture running down the cabinet face and seeping between seams or under framing.

Cleaning Glass Inserts in Cabinets

Extra care should be used when cleaning the glass insert in a cabinet door. First of all, don’t use an ammonia-based cleaner as it can damage the surrounding cabinet. Second, never spray the cleaner directly onto the glass surface. If you do, cleaner will run down the glass, and can seep between window dividers or into the seam that holds the glass in place causing damage.

Cleaning Splatters and Spills

If something splatters or spills on your cabinets, clean it up right away. Not attending to grease, oil, water or food splatters immediately can lead to your cabinets becoming permanently discoloured, or their finish being damaged.

Avoid These Kitchen-Damaging Situations

  • Never use furniture polish or wax on your cabinets since these compounds build up over time. Such build up can lead to your cabinets having a hazy, streaky or yellowed appearance.
  • Sunlight can alter the colour of your cabinets, counters and floors. Protect your kitchen during direct sunlight hours by drawing kitchen drapes, curtains and blinds.
  • Excess heat and moisture can damage cabinets. To avoid this situation, never mount or place small appliances such as toaster ovens and coffee makers directly underneath your cabinets.