Our Company

Cartier’s team is committed to providing professional services in both the residential and commercial arena. For Cartier that commitment to quality means not only fulfilling clients’ expectations but exceeding them.

Our manufacturing facility uses the most advanced technology alongside skilled craftsmanship to produce beautiful kitchens customized to your tastes. Our factory direct showroom has stunning displays from office kitchenettes to luxury estate kitchens in both modern, transitional and traditional styles.

Our manufacturing facility/head office is located in Brampton, Ontario, west of Toronto. Since opening our doors we have prided ourselves in working with the most knowledgeable and skillful people in the industry. Our team of skilled kitchen professionals have more than 85 years, combined experience in making your dream kitchen a reality.

Accommodating Your VisionMore

A kitchen is a personal thing. Its style, configuration, details, elements, finishes and colours all combine to make a statement about the client who envisioned it.

At Cartier Kitchens, we’ve been assisting both residential and commercial clients to achieve their desired results since 1987. From the beginning our approach has been to do everything we can to accommodate our clients.

Have a unique colour request? Bring a sample to us and our sourcing experts will scour the globe. Want to incorporate a custom touch? We’ll investigate how we can make it happen. Committed to making eco-friendly choices? You’ve come to the right environment. Faced with a challenging delivery deadline? We have a knack for accommodating these too.

As one of the leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Ontario, we’re proud of the success we’ve had. We’re even more proud of the reputation we’ve earned for helping our clients realize their dream kitchens.

We look forward to helping you realize yours.

Manufacturing & Quality

Cartier Kitchens has been manufacturing kitchen cabinets since 1987. We have grown to become the leader in volume and production because of our ongoing willingness to adjust and adapt to accommodate changes in the marketplace.

For example, when we saw that our customer base was steadily evolving from one that had been strictly low-rise residential to a mix of both low-rise and high-rise, we reconfigured our plant to facilitate production for both markets. We also bolstered our team by hiring skilled craftspeople, installers and sales people who specialized in high-rise residential kitchens.

Modern Facilities

To be able to produce a quality product, in a timely fashion and on a consistent basis, you have to have superior manufacturing equipment. At Cartier Kitchens, we’ve always understood this. From the beginning we’ve been committed to outfitting our manufacturing facility with the most up-to-date equipment.

To build a reputation with clients for responsiveness and quick turnaround times, we optimized our plant’s uptime. We achieve this by having a full-time engineer on staff who monitors and maintains our equipment like clockwork, ensuring our production line runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Cabinet Construction & Finishes

Every Cartier Kitchens cabinet line is constructed with a glue-and-dowel system to ensure a strong and square final product. All cabinets feature six-way adjustable, fully-concealed, 110-degree hinges for a nice, clean appearance. Finishes range from the practical beauty of melamine, and the easy-care and colour versatility of thermofoil, to the classic look of natural wood. Finally, before our cabinets are shipped to the job site, everything is fully inspected by our quality-control team.


Accommodating the Environment

The majority of residential and commercial clients are committed to installing kitchens that not only look beautiful, but also help the environment stay beautiful too. At Cartier Kitchens, we can accommodate whatever degree of eco-friendly commitment a client wishes to accomplish.

We can design and manufacture to your specifications, including everything from incorporating eco-friendly low and zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)* cabinetry to assisting you in achieving LEED certification by offering LEED-certified materials. Plus, the wood we use in all of our cabinets (which represents 85% of the kitchen) is CFA-approved.

Our environmental commitment extends to our manufacturing facility too, where we recycle our saw dust and employ a bag filtration system, which ensures fresh air is re-circulated throughout our paint-spray room. We are also continually investigating product and manufacturing innovations that will allow us to enhance further the eco-friendliness of our products, and the carbon footprint of our operations.
For a more detailed list of our eco-friendly products, please contact us.

*Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapour pressures and can affect the environment and human health. The lower the VOC designation, the better the product is for the environment.


For a more detailed list of our ECO Friendly Products please contact us.